Request for advices on small presentation about LW community

by efim 1 min read26th May 201510 comments


In a couple of weeks I'll be giving a small (~50m) presentation about LW community on "social sciences sunday" in Saint Petersburg.

Target audience - students, teachers and young recearcher mostly from social sciences and humanities.

I'm planning to at least mention in passing:

1) rationality: epistemological and practical division

2) virtues of rationality

3) big part of learning is by osmosis

4) about sequences => some ideas I found engaging (but those that are at the same time would be easier to explain in 10 minutes)- definetely about inferential distances and looking wise

maybe mention Milgrams experiments or anecdote about Pain and Gain motivation

5) study hall (I tried it just for a bit), meetups, related projects - CFAR (anything else?), International Insights, slatestarcodex?

There is also this

I'm not sure LW is a good entry point for people who are turned away by a few technical terms. Responding to unfamiliar scientific concepts with an immediate surge of curiosity is probably a trait I share with the majority of LW'ers.

I am going to spend some more time prepairing and would probably have some good ideas, but I would be really great to have opinions from others. Am I missing something? Or if anyone had relevant experience?