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Note: The title refers to the upcoming turn.

OK, here's the promised second game of diplomacy. The game name is 'Rationalist Diplomacy Game 2.'

Kevin was Prime Minister of Great Britain
AlexMennen is President of France
tenshiko is Kaiser of Germany
Alexandros was King of Italy until his retirement
WrongBot is Emperor of Austria
Thausler is Czar of Russia
Hugh Ristik is Sultan of Turkey

Randaly is the GM, and can be reached at nojustnoperson@gmail.com


Peace For Our Time!

The leaders of the three surviving nations, France, Russia, and Turkey, agreed to a peace treaty in late August, bringing an end to this destructive conflict. Crowds across Europe broke out into spontaneous celebration, as national leaders began to account for the vast costs- human and monetary- of the wars.


All orders should be sent to nojustnoperson@gmail.com with an easy-to-read title like "Rationalist Diplomacy Game 2: Russian Orders Spring 1901". Only the LAST set of orders sent will be counted, so feel free to change your mind or to do something sneaky like sending in a fake set of orders cc your ally, and then sending in your real orders later. I'm not going to be too picky on exactly how you phrase your orders, but I prefer standard Diplomacy terminology like "F kie -> hel". New players - remember that if you send two units to the same space, you MUST specify which is attacking and which is supporting. If you make a mistake there or anywhere else, I will probably email you and ask you which you meant, but if I don't have time you'll just be out of luck.

ETA: HughRistik would like to underscore that, under the standard house rules, all draws are unranked.

Past maps can be viewed  here; the game history can be viewed  here.

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