Discussion article for the meetup : Houston, TX

WHEN: 18 October 2014 02:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: 6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005

On Saturday, October 18th we will be meeting at the Salento in the Brochstein Pavilion at Rice University at 2:00PM. Look for the Less Wrong sign.

Discussion article for the meetup : Houston, TX

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(I highly recommend that everyone join the Google Group so that we can all communicate in a single place by email)

Does anyone else feel like trying to get this meeting a little bit more structured?

For example, something as simple as brief but prepared self-introductions covering your interests (related or unrelated to LW) and anything else about yourself that you might consider worth a mention. We partially covered it last time but it was pretty chaotic.

Or maybe someone even wants to give a brief talk about something they find exciting. Back in the day Jon used to educate us in computational neroscience, which was extremely interesting.

Also, on getting there:

The map in the post is not completely accurate, this is the actual location

Parking on Main St (across from campus, from TMC to ZaZa

Parking north of campus (Ashby/Sunset area)

$1 Stadium Lot (farther away)

I was thinking about the introductions too; I think this time we probably can do something a bit more structured.

suggestion posted to the Google Group:

Another idea might be to decide ahead of each meetup on a few topics for discussion to allow some time to prepare, research and think about things for some time before discussing with each other.

Free parking is available in the small streets across Rice Boulevard from the campus (north of it). This is also closer.

All, Isaac_Davis, dvasya and myself had a pleasant chat at Ikea. Looking forward to the next meetup. Hopefully we'll have enough people next time to play paranoid debating.

I'm at 8181 Fannin St. and looking at an hour by bike, anybody in the area that can give me a ride?

Hello. My name is Earl and I might be able to give you a ride. Unless something important comes up I plan on going. innovateworld gmail

Can't make it this Saturday but will try next time!

If anyone who's interested in coming next month has any sort of concentrated probability distribution over when they'll be able to come, please post it here or on the Google Groups list.

Hopefully, this time Valhalla should be open for, um, follow-up discussions. http://valhalla.rice.edu/

Oh yes, and last time somebody discovered that there's free parking on Main St across from campus (the stretch between Med Center and Hotel ZaZa).

I didn't see a Meetup.com group for this. I would suggest starting one if there is not one that I overlooked.

Unless I'm missing something, it hasn't occurred yet.

Hm. So no time travelers here. (I'm pretty sure it used to say the 3rd before though...)

I'll try to make it.

I'll likely be there. Looking forward to it.