I am running, in collaboration with ModafinilCat, a survey of modafinil users asking about their experiences, side-effects, sourcing, efficacy, and demographics:

This is something of a followup to the LW surveys which find substantial modafinil use, and Yvain's 2014 nootropics survey. I hope the results will be useful; the legal questions should help reduce uncertainty there, and the genetics questions (assuming any responses) may be interesting too.

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As I age, I worry that my mind is less sharp than it was. I've not experimented with these drugs, but I'm fascinated by them. Are there any studies or surveys that include reported experiences by older (40-50, 50-60, 60+) users?

There are so many modafinil studies that I'm sure plenty of people aged 40+ have been involved in some or other, but I don't recall anything which specifically breaks out older people or compare effects on cognitive performance with young people, sorry.