Alex Flint and I are doing a series of seminar/discussion events in Oxford, to which anyone from LW would be very welcome. Especially as the theme is Rationality & AI Risks!

They're being held at 5pm on Saturday in Exeter College, and will go on throughout November. We had over 10 people last Saturday discussing Heuristics and Biases, and plan to go onto Bayesianism this week. They'll probably last for about an hour, though we may decamp to the pub afterwards to continue discussion.

If you're in the area, you might also be interested in the other events run by the Oxford Transhumanist Society.

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There appears to be a rule against giving people notice for these things :--)

There'll be several more!

Also, yes. Especially as this is coming after the first event.

which room in Exeter College? or what should one ask for at the lodge?

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The Morris room, but you can just ask at the lodge for Transhumanists, or AI Risks and rationality, or Alex's lot.

Final plan for tomorrow is to meet at 4:50pm at the entrance to Exeter on Turl Street. We'll run through to 6pm, after which I'll have to rush off but hopefully others will continue to the pub.

I look forward to meeting some of you there.

Are you folks meeting tomorrow again?

Yup we certainly are. 4:50 outside pembroke college. Give me a call on 07595983672 if you need directions.

I'm currently in Cambridge, so I'd like to try attending this on Saturday if things work out

Same here, though I might be busy with work.