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This is true whether we adopt my original idea that each board member keeps what they learn from these conversations entirely to themselves, or Ben's better proposed modification that it's confidential but can be shared with the whole board.

Perhaps this is a bad idea, but it has occurred to me that if I were a board member, I would want to quite frequently have confidential conversations with randomly selected employees.

For cryptographic security, I would use HMAC with a random key. Then to reveal, you publish both the message and the key. This eg allows you to securely commit to a one character message like "Y".

I sincerely doubt very many people would propose mayonnaise!

The idea is that I can do all this from my browser, including writing the code.

I'm not sure I see how this resembles what I described?

I would love a web-based tool that allowed me to enter data in a spreadsheet-like way, present it in a spreadsheet-like way, but use code to bridge the two.

(I'm considering putting a second cube on top to get five more filters per fan, which would also make it quieter.)


Four more filters per fan, right?

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