How do I change my password? On the account settings page there is a "reset password" button that emails me a link. I thought this would be additional security measure to get to a "set new password" page, but it only tells me that the password was reset. (To what???) However, my password seems to be unchanged.

Since I don't use the site regularly, I would appreciate an email about the answer, if it's not automatic. Thanks!

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Ah, sorry. That's a bug on our site, and it's a bit hard to fix since it's part of an underlying framework. The primary purpose for the password-reset functionality was to reset your password when you forgot it and can't log in, so it works well in that case, however it ends up in a bit of a buggy state when you reset your password from a logged-in state.

To make the password reset work, just log out of your account before you click on the password reset link. You should then see a form that allows you to type in a new password.

(The reason for that bug is because in an ill-fated decision our underlying framework decided to check whether the password is reset, by the fact that the user is logged in, which automatically happens after you change your password. We should really get around to fixing that.)

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