From Chap 26

The key to a puzzle is often something you read twenty years ago in an old scroll, or a peculiar ring you saw on the finger of a man you met only once.

Possibly Voldemort made the Resurrection stone/ring into a Horcrux while killing his 'uncle'.

Later in the same chapter, Quirrell suggests that he's made Bacon's diary into a Horcrux.

"Oh," said Professor Quirrell, "don't worry about a little rough handling. You could toss this diary in a fireplace and it would emerge unscathed. In any case, I await your decision."

In canon, one of the main properties of a Horcrux is that it is indestructible by ordinary means, but since Quirrell has only 'recently acquired' this, it might just be charmed? Or would it be a Horcrux of Quirrell, rather than of Voldemort? Not sure...

[Edit] Original comment was screwed up, I had something in mind, and wrote parts of it here which made little sense

Just because Quirrell says that he recently stole it does not mean it is true. Telling harry that it is stolen property is a good way to make sure he keeps it secret without causing any suspicion about the nature of the book. I think that the diary is a horcrux and another attempt to turn Harry over to his dark side permanently.

0pedanterrific8yI didn't downvote, but I'm curious: what brought up Bacon's diary? You dropped in "or at least Bacon managed to charm it to be nearly indestructible" as though it was mentioned in the parent.

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