HPMoR the Youtube Series! But in need of advice

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Hi Less Wrong! I was wondering if you have experience with video editing? I want to record footage and a soundtrack, and then overlay them on each other, and I'll also need to be able to do special effects, such as to float someone in the air. Is there a video editing program that you'd recommend?


Edit - Please let me know if you'd like to act in it and are able to get to Madison, WI on weekends :)

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Given there's an excellent audio podcast and adequate video sequences made in The Sims, isn't your project kind of redundant?


Oh wow, I didn't realize there was a series already. I'd still like to go ahead and do it though. It would be in a different style, and I'd write music for it, and everything. I mean, it has value to me as a personal project.

Maybe you can contact the author of that series, and ask if (s)he's continuing it? The series has been stuck at chapter 42 (frustratingly shortly before the glorious chapter 45) for half a year. Maybe you can just continue there.

That's a good idea. I'll contact the Sims series author. I'm afraid I'll start at chapter 1 anyways, because I've never made a video before, and chapter 45 is beyond my skills at this point. :( But after a few chapters, I'll see how things are going and possibly skip ahead.

Thanks for your feedback!

The text isn't the exact version that's now online. Did Eliezer made some changes to the first chapter after the podcast was recorded? If so, when did the first chapter change?

Wow. I hope that as they went on, those got more voice actors.

They did. The first ten or so chapters have been remade in the podcast, though maybe not in the videos.

Did not know that existed, though I probably should have predicted it when I found out about the Sims 3 videos. The popularity of this series continues to surprise me.

Thanks for your recommendation! I'll look into Cinelerra.

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I think this is a really cool idea.

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Thanks! I'll try hard to make it cool. :)