Open Thread: July 2010, Part 2

It is not about the moral system being incomprehensible but the acts of the FAI. Whenever something bad happens religious people excuse it with an argument based on "higher intention". This is the gist of what I wanted to highlight. The similarity between religious people and those true believers into the technological singularity and AI's. This is not to say it is the same. I'm not arguing about that. I'm saying that this might draw the same kind of people committing the same kind of atrocities. This is very dangerous.

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Ask yourself, wouldn't you fly a plane into a tower if that was the only way to disable Skynet?

Yes. I would also drop a nuke on New York if it were the only way to prevent global nuclear war. These are both extremely unlikely scenarios.

It's very correct to be suspicious of claims that the stakes are that high, given that irrational memes have a habit of postulating such high stakes. However, assuming thereby that the stakes never could actually be that high, regardless of the evidence, is another way of shooting yourself in the foot.

Open Thread: July 2010, Part 2

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