Happy Christmas!

I made you a link post of things you might find interesting on the internet. (Please don’t feel obliged to look at them!)

Lots of love, Katja oxo


(Picture: Christmas Eve, by Carl Larson, 1904-5)


  1. George Saunders, e.g. The Braindead Megaphone, and Tent City, USA

  2. Epic tomato sorting machine

  1. Slatestarcodex archives, e.g. on meaning and the problem of evil and thinking under conformity pressure (these are incidentally all funny stories, but the site is mostly non-fiction)

  2. Test your ability to distinguish real people from AI generated faces (or to just see unreal people, look at thispersondoesnotexist.com)

  3. Julia Galef, probably via Rationally Speaking Podcast

  4. Robin Hanson: Politics isn’t about policy; The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It?

  5. Did President Truman not realize that Hiroshima was a city?

  6. Politics and the English Language: I found the writing ironically uncompelling, but the idea interesting

  7. Xkcd, e.g. Informative ones: Earth’s temperature over time, chart of what improvements are worth the time

  8. Hamilton the Musical

  9. How to live for much longer in expectation

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