RapGenius + Sequences = ?

by Alexandros1 min read1st Aug 20133 comments


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I recently saw Ashton Kutcher's annotation of a speech by Steve Jobs on RapGenius. For those that haven't heard of it, RapGenius is a content annotation platform, where the "Rap" part is purely incidental.

The format seems quite interesting, so I wondered what the LessWrong community could do if allowed to annotate popular articles (or other texts like MIRI publications) in the same way.

To experiment, I created a RapGenius page for Tsuyoku Naritai and started with an annotation.

Feel free to add other annotations etc. and let's see if we can do something interesting with the medium.

Note: If Eliezer/LW/MIRI have an issue with the wholesale copying of the text, let me know and I will remove as much of it as I can (RG doesn't allow removal of text that has been annotated if the annotation is not removed as well)

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Looks like a great idea. It's certainly an easy way to build a version of Sequences with explanatory comments. Optimally, such comments would appear in the actual article but this is a good step towards that.

It's not a great solution, but RapGenius text can be embedded into an external page..