I just tried a IFS bot based on GPT3.5 and I actually enjoyed it! Didn't make a breakthrough as I've done it on my own in the past, but definitely felt similar to my experiences.

Another use case I can think of is using ChatGPT to help me with memory reconsolidation. I had a breakthrough with this memory reconsolidation that helped resolve my childhood trauma of my father passing away. Wondering if there's some prompting I could leverage to help me do more memory reconsolidation for some other lingering issues I have.

Of course, nothing replaces real therapy but my issues aren't worth spending money at this point. 

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Actively working on this at IFSbot.com. looking to take in other memory reconsolidation processes as well. For instance I've found that lefkoe belief process works fairly well zero shot

Cool! I actually tried out another IFS bot recently if you’re not aware already.