Changing your Mind With Memory Reconsolidation


What to put in my time capsule?

ss. Second, I was quite immature when I wrote it,


I sort of like this aspect of looking at my past writings.  It shows me how much I've grown.

Squiggle: Technical Overview

This is great!  I love that there's multiple different forecasting platforms being built and learning from each other. I imagine the work you did on guesstimate is a big part of that, and probably materially moved the whole space forward.  I imagine this will continue to do that.


Matt Goldenberg's Short Form Feed

Alright, now somebody needs to write the "Pain is a contextually useful unit of effort of which the value varies depending on your situation, genetics, and upbringing" post.

I sort of want to create a gpt-3 bot that automatically does this for any X is Good or X is Bad post.

Toon Alfrink's sketchpad

I guess it depends on why you want to run the tournament. 

Bucky's Shortform

I guess the lesson being: Never attribute to n-dimensional chess that which can equally be attributed to stupidity.

Toon Alfrink's sketchpad

It seemed like Toon was trying to say "I have a cool idea for a tournament but haven't thought about a good prize"

Retrospective: November 10-day virtual meditation retreat

As someone who has a regular practice, would you say the level of insight/time sitting was basically the same as your normal practice, or do you find that these retreats increase the density/intensity of insights?

It’s not economically inefficient for a UBI to reduce recipient’s employment

But when I work I get paid, so that I (and the people I share my income with) get most of the benefits from my work.

I sort of got lost at this point. Isn't the point of work that I get more in money than I pay in effort, and others get more in value than they pay in money?

So the benefits are split between the workers and the buyers. If they're not, no one will buy and I'll be out of a job.

There's no symetric incentive for me to provide at least the value I'm getting to taxpayers when they give me money.

I might incidentally provide that value because humans are pro-social, but it doesn't feel like I can say "the amount of value I'll provide with my unincentivized effort is so close to the value I'll provide with my incentivized effort that it's dwarfed by externalities" just on intuiton.

Working in Virtual Reality: A Review

Another question about your time in here. Were you using the quest 2 with the default stretchy strap, or the elite strap addon (or a 3rd party strap)?

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