At my English class everybody was supposed to make a short presentation about subject of one's choice. I decided to tell people about Cox's Theorem (heavily based on the introduction in "Probability theory: The Logic Of Science" by E T Jaynes and "Constructing a logic of plausible inference: a guide to Cox's theorem" by Kevin S. Van Horn). Thought someone might find that interesting or useful.


Make sure that you have speaker notes visible.

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The author of Constructing a logic of plausible inference: a guide to Cox's theorem is Kevin S. Van Horn.

ETA: I see that the presentation gives this info correctly. It looks like you had a brainfart while typing up the post.

Fixed, thanks.

The link goes to a file called "cox_presentation.odp", which I can't do anything with. :(

It's the OpenDocument Presentation. I haven't onverted it to the .ppt because LibreOffice seems to be not able to do the conversion correctly: for some reason it makes some of the pictures disappear, and the thought bubbles are weird. I've restored the missing pictures, but I'm not sure that there are no more surprises.

But text seems to be fine, so why not?

OpenOffice file, I think. edit OpenDocument Presentation. You ought to be able to view it with more recent versions of MS Office, it seems