Given the replication crisis in the social sciences, do we have, somewhere, a list of cognitive biases tied to replicated studies?

I could be missing something, but I didn't see anything on the Wikipedia page indicating whether or not the results replicated.

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Wikipedia has a policy to treat individual papers as primary sources that shall not be referenced. As such the question you want to have answered is not directly answerable within Wikipedia's rules.

A question that could be answered is "Is there a metastudy that finds evidence for this cognitive bias?" If a person goes through the work of gathering that information it might find a home in Wikipedia. 

Wikidata is more open for individual papers, so if you want to list individual papers to see whether cogntitive biases replicate it would be a better place to collaboratively create a secondary source on cognitive bias replication.  

For some recent meta-analyses, the OSC's paper on reproducibility in social science has ~100 studies, and I think you can explore those and others at

In general, I know that anchoring effects are quite reliable with a large effect size, and many priming effects have in recent years failed to replicate.

Really glad you posted this.

What I've been doing since you posted is searching for individual bias and "replication" in Google Scholar. Turning up results for some of them. Would be cool to build a list of those.

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