Why do I think free markets and private property is "every man for himself"?

1) Human nature. Most people can't see past their own nose. In fact some people have such a massive problem finding empathy for other people that they act, for one example, racist and intolerant to other people. To put it simply, I think human kind has demonstrated how selfish and cruel it can be when left unrestrained. To have an entirely free market and everything private owned would be to let free and even propel all of the nasty things inside people. Just as without l... (read more)

Let me give you this hypothetical example: a company can either make $10 a lolly selling type A or it can make $1 selling type B. The 'problem' is that type A is known by the company (but not the public) to be poisonous.

If someone finds out that their poisonous he has the option of buying from a different company. By way of contrast, if all lollies were manufactured by the "department of lollies" and the head of the department decided to sell the poison lollies to meet budget constraints, my only recourse is to not consume lollies.

Notice that... (read more)

1Eugine_Nier6yAnd yet you believe the proses of taking a government job magically cures people of all these problems?
1blacktrance6yAs a libertarian, I don't think you and I mean the same things by "capitalism". Could you explain what you mean by "capitalism", and "unrestrained capitalism"?

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