On The Effectiveness of Ferriss

by diegocaleiro 1 min read3rd Feb 20114 comments


Tim Ferriss has been systematically quoted on Less Wrong.

How to make money to donate utilons and show you care is a persistent topic on Less Wrong.

No one here seems to either have tried, or accessed the feasibility of Tim Ferrissing life (for instance accessing by checking for people who tried without the obvious survivor bias displayed in Ferriss`s own website)

A probability 30% of earning $12.000 per month working for 10 hours per week after a build-up time of 4 months working 10 hours a day to get it started (having fun while figuring out how does capitalism work anyway) seems like a fair bet.

My prior for the above paragraph feasibility is about 15%.

Should my posterior be above the 30% threshold?

Data anyone?

Different prior anyone?

Lone bystander bias,everyone?