A new way to read the Sequences:


It's also more mobile-friendly than a PDF/mobi/epub.

(The content is from the book — Rationality: From AI to Zombies. Books I through IV are up already; Books V and VI aren't up yet, but soon will be.)

Edit: Book V is now up.

Edit 2: Book VI is now up.

Edit 3: A zipped archive of the site (for offline viewing) is now available for download.

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This seems like a good place to ask: How do people read long web based books like this without losing their place? I usually look for ebooks just because my ebook reader will remember what page I was on. I used to use bookmarks for this, but I use 4 different computers on a regular basis (two laptops, a tablet, and a phone). Instapaper / pocket work ok, but then if I add a bunch of links I'll forget about the older ones. Solutions?

When you finish a reading session, copy the sentence or couple of sentences you're on and store it somehow. (I usually text it to myself, since I'm most likely to be reading on my phone.) When you start reading again, do a search for that text.

You do sometimes have to look for a sentence that isn't repeated frequently. If you store someone's catchphrase then this is less helpful, but I usually have an easy time spotting those.

Keep the browser window open? That's what I do.

A new, better way to read the Sequences

Sorry to nitpick but you haven't said in which way it is better than the on-site Sequences or the PDF.

See my reply to DragonGod below re: comparison to PDF. I think this is easier to navigate, and certainly more readable, than the Sequences here, but of course YMMV :)

I already have the PDFs(which I distribute wantonly). I am not sure whether it is more advisable to direct people to the site as opposed to giving them the PDFs. As it is, I usually download Lesswrong pages for offline reading, while I don't want to self-anchor I'm not sure the site is better than the PDF.

Also, FYI, once the remaining two books are up, the entire site will be made available as a zipped web archive, which you'll be able to download for offline viewing.

Well, the PDF is a file you've got to have with you; what if you want to read on a different device? Laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, computer lab, etc.? The site is available from anywhere.

Well, I have the PDF on both phone, laptop and in my Google Drive. But as I explained already, I usually read offline for posts of substantial length. Go ahead with the project though. I guess I'll add a link to my blog and social media.

Typo in the evolutionary psychology chapter: "We compress this gargantuan historicalstatistical macrofact by saying “evolution did it.”

"Historicalstatistical" should have a hyphen in it. Original

Fixed, thanks!

Homepage seems to lack links to the last two books.

Yep, books V and VI aren't up yet, as the post says :)