St. Louis, Missouri Meetup - now happening every week!

by [anonymous] 1 min read24th Mar 20118 comments


I got inspired by the NY meetup post by Cosmos, and I'd love to get a recurring meetup started in St. Louis.

Where: Kayak Coffee at Skinker and Forest Park Parkway, near Washington University.

When: Every Tuesday from 6-8 PM, until and including May 3, 2011 and starting again in September 2011. I won't be in St. Louis for the summer, though of course if enough people will be around the meetups will continue without me.

What: Meet each other and share our thoughts/discoveries on subjects related to LW and/or transhumanism, whatever you find interesting. I'm personally interested in the instrumental value of rationality, philosophy, self-improvement, life hacking, futurism.

I want to use rationality to win more often, and to help the people around me win more often. Let's see where it goes!

I'll make a sign that says 'Less Wrong'. RSVP here - I looking forward to meeting you.

Edit: I meant March, not May.

Update: Our inaugural meetup was excellent. One person RSVP'd and didn't show up, but four others didn't RSVP and did show up. Future meetups are being planned, so leave a comment or message me if you want to get involved.

Update two: We're now meeting every week - I've updated the time to reflect our recurring time. Definitely send me a message if you want to come!