As in past years the Boston EA/LW community is putting together a secular solstice celebration. It's a bit of a strange thing, somewhat like an atheist church service, with lots of group singing on silly and serious topics. For some of the flavor, see my 2022, 2019, and 2018 retrospectives. This year it's a bit late: 2023-12-30. More details on the FB event.

This year I'm organizing the music again, and I'm looking for volunteers to lead songs and play instruments. For song leaders, we have a range of songs of varying difficulty, so as long as you can carry a tune and are comfortable standing up in front of a few dozen people there's probably something that would be a good fit for you. For musicians, I'd be enthusiastic about help both from people who want to play piano/guitar and accompany (especially if you read music and are excited about something like this) and people who play violin/flute/cello etc and want to support the melody or play harmonies.

If this sounds like a good time, let me know!

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This sounds like an awesome opportunity to get involved and share some musical talents! 🎶 I'm really excited about the idea of volunteering to lead songs or play instruments for the event.

Awesome! Send me an email?