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by Benya 1 min read15th Oct 20133 comments


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WHEN: 20 October 2013 02:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Hodgkin House, 3 Meridian Place, Bristol BS8 1JG

We'll have another meetup in Bristol this upcoming Sunday, October 20, at the student house where I live. We'll officially start at 2pm to hopefully make it reasonably convenient for everyone, but at least two of us will be there from around 12, so if you want to come earlier and hang out a bit more, let me know! (, or PM me.)

I'll put up a LessWrong sign outside saying this, but please call me at 07463169075 or (from around 2pm on) ring the buzzer marked "Basement" when you arrive.

Also, whether or not you can attend this time, if you're interested in future meetups, please join the Google group for organizing meetup times!

Discussion article for the meetup : Bristol meetup