6 Minute Intro to Evolutionary Psychology

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In the spirit of You Are A Brain, this is a 6 minute presentation I gave at Toastmasters on Evolutionary Psychology and may repeat. Be sure to click on show speaker notes (in Actions) to see the full text.


 6 Minute Intro to Evolutionary Psychology


Any suggestions for improvements?  Some people didn’t get it. Also, is it accurate enough? Also, I think the Wason Selection argument isn’t all that compelling and takes up about half of the time. Is there a better example I could use? (The speech was supposed to be for either informing or persuading and persuading required informing so I tried to focus just on informing.)

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The first slide about the Wason selection task was really confusing to me. I kept going but eventually referenced Wikipedia. The use of a single letter and a single number in the same font makes it hard to tell that some cards are flipped over and others aren't.

If you used a different graphic--maybe a name instead of the letter K or lines like an index card under the letters but not the numbers or something like that, and possibly rephrased the slide it would be much more effective.

Also the major transitions--into the Wason selection task and to the galaxy at the end--seem a little abrupt. Maybe mentioning that "we can do some experiments to support the evo psych paradigm right here!" Or a picture of an evolutionary tree with humans as just another node, rather than a galaxy.