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It seems likely that as technology progresses and we get better tools for finding, evaluating and comparing services and products, advertising becomes closer to a zero-sum game between advertisers and advertisees.

The rise of targeted advertising and machine learning might cause people who care less about their privacy (e.g. people who are less averse to giving arbitrary apps access to a lot of data) to be increasingly at a disadvantage in this zero-sum-ish game.

Also, the causal relationship between 'being a person who is likely to pay above-market prices' and 'being offered above-market prices' may gradually become stronger.

I crossed out the 'caring about privacy' bit after reasoning that the marginal impact of caring more about one's privacy might depend on potential implications of things like "quantum immortality" (that I currently feel pretty clueless about).

ofer's Shortform

by ofer 26th Nov 20198 comments


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