Isn't this sitemeter logging a bit too excessive?

by DanielVarga1 min read2nd Feb 201119 comments


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I have just realized that sitemeter has the following data published about my visit, in a searchable and browsable format:


Domain Name ? (Hungary)
IP Address   80.98.73.# (UPC Magyarorszag Kft.)
ISP   UPC Magyarorszag Kft.
Continent  :  Europe
Country  :  Hungary  (Facts)
State/Region  :  Fejer
City  :  Etyek
Lat/Long  :  47.45, 18.75 (Map)
Language   English (U.S.)
Operating System   Macintosh MacOSX
Browser   Firefox
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13 GTB7.1
Javascript   version 1.5
Resolution  :  1296 x 810
Color Depth  :  24 bits
Time of Visit   Feb 2 2011 12:34:19 pm
Last Page View   Feb 2 2011 12:34:40 pm
Visit Length   21 seconds
Page Views   2
Referring URL
Search Engine
Search Words   hungary
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page
Out Click    
Time Zone   UTC+1:00
Visitor's Time   Feb 2 2011 9:34:19 pm
Visit Number   3,497,452


I am not a privacy geek, but isn't this a bit too extensive? By the way, I am not from Etyek, Hungary, I am from Budapest, Hungary. Etyek is a very small village, so if sitemeter consistently identifies me as someone from Etyek, then it will be even easier to track my lesswrong browsing habits. It is very easy even without that.