Discussion article for the meetup : East Coast Solstice Megameetup

WHEN: 20 December 2014 03:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: 851 Park Place, Brooklyn NY 11216

The weekend of December 20th will be the East Coast Solstice Megameetup. Rationalists and EA folk are invited to visit our group-house, Highgarden. We can provide crash space Friday night through Sunday night, although you're encouraged to fill out this form so we know how many people to expect:


Official activities begin at 2:00pm on Saturday, with an unconference running for 2 hours. At 7:00pm there'll be the Solstice concert. Tickets are still available on the kickstarter (ending 4:00pm on Sunday), here:


Discussion article for the meetup : East Coast Solstice Megameetup

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Are the tickets for the whole event or just the concert? Are such still available for those of us who weren't planning quite so far ahead?

I will coincidentally be passing through that weekend, and would love to meet more east coast folks.

Tickets for the Solstice are available at humanistculture.com

The rest of the Megameetup is free.