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When are the most important times to wash your hands?

by elityre1 min read15th Mar 202020 comments



I set a five minute timer to brainstorm some, but I bet that there are many that I've missed, and furthermore, it would be helpful to know which ones are most important / impactful.

  • I'm about to eat food
  • After I go to the bathroom
  • After I touch a package
  • After I sneeze or blow my nose
  • When I feel an urge to touch my face
  • When I stand up from using my computer
  • I touch the ground.
  • When I touch a shared whiteboard marker.
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3 Answers

Probably so obvious that you left it off, but:

  • After touching another human

For me the biggest one left after these is:

  • After touching the dog

You already have "after using the computer". I think I'd add "before using the computer" as well, or even instead – keeping the computer a safe zone seems like a good move, and this seems more doable than constantly cleaning the keyboard.

After touching your belt, or other parts of your pants you're likely to touch between using the toilet and washing your hands.

Washing your hands requires soap and water, but you can carry hand sanitizer and use that when you can't get to a sink. Any surface an infected person might have touched or sneezed on is dangerous. Besides what you've already mentioned, wash or sanitize

  • When you come home after being in any public place or shared space.
  • After you touch any shared handle. Doors, drawers, cases, faucets, etc.
  • After you touch a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or touchscreen anyone else uses, or you used when your hands weren't clean.
  • After you touch a shared control. Light switches, elevator buttons, etc.
  • After touching any personal article you touched when your hands weren't clean. Belt, zipper, shoelaces, phone, wallet, glasses etc.
  • After touching money. Coins might be safer than bills, because germs can't live on metal for long.
  • After you touch any garbage that might have bodily fluid in it. Food wrappers, tissues, etc.

You can often sanitize the surface itself with wipes, or reduce the length of time it can harbor germs by coating it with copper foil tape.