LW Update 2018-09-18 – Email Subscriptions for Curated

by Raemon1 min read19th Sep 20182 comments


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Subscribe to Curated via RSS or Email – We added a system to subscribe to things via email. So far we've only implemented it for the curated feed, but we'll soon be implementing it for other things.

Private Messages – We overhauled the PM styling so that it didn't look so janky. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work properly on mobile (I think this was always the case but before it looked awkward enough that you weren't tempted to use it). We have a fix in the works to make mobile work but it's not quite ready yet.

Styling Refactor Part I complete – We completed the parts of our styling refactor that were necessary to cleanly restyle the AI Alignment Forum and EA Forum.

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I'm not sure this is on topic here but I'm not sure where it is on topic, so - I noticed my profile now has an "Ω 2" between the karma count and the post count. What is that?

That looks like a bug – there's still a bit of wonkiness surrounding moving comments between LessWrong and the AlignmentForum, and propagating karma between comments and users. Someone may have accidentally moved a comment of yours to AlignmentForum and upvoted it (and then subsequently moved it back, since I don't see you currently as having any AF comments)