Meetup: Oslo LessWrong meetup planning thread.

by FourFire1 min read25th Apr 20153 comments


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After some deliberation, I realized that an Oslo meetup wasn't going to happen by itself, and after my somewhat abortive (and way too late) attempt to organize a PI day HP:MoR wrapup meeting, I decided to just do it, and announce that it's happening, four weeks in advance.

Please add yourself to the coordination timetable.

Here are the possible locations:

UiO Science library (only open on the friday).



I'd prefer to meet up at the Library, because it seems like the perfect place for a LessWrong meetup, and it's open to the public until 10PM.
However if it doesn't suit enough people, timewise, then I do have 24/7 access to the hackerspace as a backup plan, and there is food nearby.

Please respond with any suggestions as this really is my first time organizing anything, I am aware of the guide.


Edit: Unfortunately That Social Media Site has locked both of my accounts, so contact me either via freenode (FourFire), PM here, or email me.