When: Saturday, April 30th, 2PM.

Where: Au Pt'it Chat, a little Café near Châtelet, which is here. I'll be there with a LessWrong sign.

Yvain, cousin_it and Morendil should be there ... and you are welcome too!

This is a repost, the meetup was originally planned the 16th, but that post wasn't promoted and the date changed in the meantime.

Lurkers and newbies are very welcome!

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The meetup was a success, attendance more than tripled since last Paris meetup !

From left to right: Morendil, Yvain, cousin_it, Alexandros, Emile, bogdanb; the picture was taken by MixedNuts.

It was a pretty international meetup too, since we had an American from Ireland, a Greek from England, a Russian from Switzerland, and a Romanian from France. Discussion topics included the weight of squirrels, the longevity of ducks, the morality of killing 3^^^3 characters in "The Sims" and the geopolitics of Cheeseburgers.

We walked around the Jardin des Plantes and the Jardin du Luxembourg, and visited Pascal's grave.

Big picture is big.

Yup, I fixed it.

Chiming in to say thanks to everyone, and on top of that some extra thanks to Alexandros who gave me a place to stay in Paris for free!