There are some custom games created by me and some other members of Moscow LW community. These games involve skills related to rationality, like fallacy detection, or inductive rule guessing with trying to falsify the hypothesis. We often play these games on our meetups.

I've translated these games to English, so anyone can print the rules and game materials and play.

1. Fallacymania. Main goals of this game is to help people notice fallacies in arguments, and of course to have fun. The game requires 3-20 players (recommended 4-12), and some materials: printed A3 sheets with fallacies (5-10 sheets), card deck with fallacies (you can cut one A3 sheet into cards, or print stickers and put them to common playing cards), pens and empty sheets, and 1 card deck of any type with at least 50 cards (optional, for counting guessing attempts). Rules of the game are explained here:

This is the sheet of fallacies, you can download it and print on A3 or A2 sheet of paper:

Also you can use this sheet to create playing cards for debaters.

Here is my github repo for Fallacymania; it contains script that generates fallacy sheets and cards (both English and Russian versions) from text file with fallacies and their descriptions:

And there is electronic version of Fallacymania for Tabletop Simulator:

2. Tower of Chaos. This is party game where you will guess the secret rule by performing experiments with people on Twister mat. The game requires 2-15 players (recommended 4-7). This game is not so casual as it seems: you have to thoroughly test your hypothesis before telling it if you want to win. Rules are here:

3. Scientific Discovery. This is modification of Zendo, but with simultaneous turns of players. Also it has more focus on good hypotheses testing, and there is less important to hide hypotheses and intentions from other players than in original Zendo.

You can use any items (coins, paperclips etc) to play it as common table game. Of course, in table game you will have to disassemble old combinations when you run out of items.

There is electronic version for Tabletop Simulator:

Rules for electronic version:


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At my work we have a slack channel with a on and off game of zendo using emoji. Very loose rules, no turn taking etc.

Be warned that different emoji sets can alter the emojis so that the rules may not be consistent between them.