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Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Hamburg

WHEN: 17 July 2015 06:30:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Hamburg, Steindamm 80

After a long hiatus the LW Hamburg Meetup restarts in full force. The energy of the LW Berlin Community Event has brought some of us together and motivated us to try something lager this time. And we hope to attract old and new people who want to help improve each other lives with talk, games and fun.

We have a fine location neer Hamburg main station. Reachable via U1 Lohmühlenstraße. You have to arrive between 6 and 7 PM (or else contact me) to be let in (the janitor will be informed).

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Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Hamburg

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I fully intend to be there. :) Thanks for organising this!



18-19 Arrival

get your name tags -- select your pizza or salad -- ice breaking game -- free time to get to know each other and the location

19:30 Intro Speech

introduction -- some rules of this meet-up -- what about this less-wrong thing anyway -- further program and topic overview -- questions and answers

20:00 Topic Round 1

see list of topics below

20:30 Pizza!

21:00 Topic Round 2

21:30 Topic Round 3

22:00 Closing notes, wrap up

summary of event -- sustainable change -- feedback round -- accouncements for further meetp-ups

22:15 End of official meet-up

you may continue the event in nearby bars at your own discretion at any point

22:30 Relating Games

optional -- deepen mutual understanding and connection -- fun

23:15 Closing

time to come to an end -- tidying up

0:00 Ultimo


  • LessWrong specific topic introduction (Neike)
  • machine learning moderated discussion
  • non-fiction book discussion (lots about knowledge and practical rationality)
  • board games for rationality training
  • open discussion
  • workshops: fermi estimates and goal factoring

Update: There will be many more people than I initially expected. Currently more than 25; most of them without LW background.