This coming Friday, April 1st 2011, a few of us from London will be getting together to hack on some as yet unidentified project. The event will be held at the London Hackspace. We'll be starting at 10am and expect to be there for most of the day.

We have quite a few suggestions and will probably spend the first hour of our meeting figuring out what to do. Being there early means you will be able to contribute in the direction the day will take. You're welcome to turn up later of course. There is no particular skill level required to attend, just a desire for hacking on things with others. Teaching each other is just as important as the actual outcome. Letting us know you're coming in advance will help us plan better.

If you would like to be in the loop for future LessWrong events in London, send me with your e-mail via private message so I can add you to the LessWrong London mailing list.

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Try not to make a self-improving AI :)

I'll be in London that day (which would be pretty unlikely usually), but I'll be busy at a training course. Hope you get to make something cool.

Just to confirm - I'm coming :)

I'm afraid I shan't be there tomorrow, but I'll be IRC during the day. I've started a GraphViz graph of the Sequences, to visualise their structure and make navigating them a bit easier. The code is at Github, with png output. Please let me know what your think, and whether/how you'd like to see it developed.

Please tell us what you come up with.

The three of us ended up getting a fair way through, but not finishing, a basic web app to make a game of tracking how accurate you are at estimating how long it takes to do a task.

It is up at github at the moment.

And at heroku, but mainly for testing purposes.

This was mainly thanks to Taryneast's rails skills. We are thinking about having another hack day on it, although no definite plans.

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