Seattle, WA - Less Wrong Meetup - Sunday February 20th, 2:00 PM

by BrandonReinhart 1 min read8th Feb 201120 comments


Hello Seattle area Less Wrongers! I know there has been some loose discussion about a Seattle area meet-up, but as far as I know we have never pulled the trigger. Now is the time!

Let's meet up on Sunday, Feb 20th, at 2:00 PM at the Elysian Pub!

- Why the Elysian? I thought this was a good compromise location for west & east siders. Looks farther away from university than I thought. I know that other types of meet-ups have gone there and done well. Suggestions for other pubs near the university would be great, but barring a superior suggestion we'll do it here.

- Why a Sunday afternoon? People are unlikely to have outstanding commitments. We can always find a different time for future meet-ups. Also, the pub shouldn't be too loud.

- What should I bring? Yourself and your brain and anything you want to discuss. The goal of this meet-up is to facilitate social interaction among Less Wrongers in the area.

- I live on the east side, why is this in Seattle? The assumption is that there will be students who want to attend. If we have a large number of east siders who wish to attend, we can always alternate west and east side meet-ups. I live in Kirkland, so I understand the concern.

My name is Brandon. I have long hair. I will bring a sign that says Less Wrong Meetup. Find me and say hello!