Seattle, WA - Less Wrong Meetup - Sunday February 20th, 2:00 PM

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Hello Seattle area Less Wrongers! I know there has been some loose discussion about a Seattle area meet-up, but as far as I know we have never pulled the trigger. Now is the time!

Let's meet up on Sunday, Feb 20th, at 2:00 PM at the Elysian Pub!

- Why the Elysian? I thought this was a good compromise location for west & east siders. Looks farther away from university than I thought. I know that other types of meet-ups have gone there and done well. Suggestions for other pubs near the university would be great, but barring a superior suggestion we'll do it here.

- Why a Sunday afternoon? People are unlikely to have outstanding commitments. We can always find a different time for future meet-ups. Also, the pub shouldn't be too loud.

- What should I bring? Yourself and your brain and anything you want to discuss. The goal of this meet-up is to facilitate social interaction among Less Wrongers in the area.

- I live on the east side, why is this in Seattle? The assumption is that there will be students who want to attend. If we have a large number of east siders who wish to attend, we can always alternate west and east side meet-ups. I live in Kirkland, so I understand the concern.

My name is Brandon. I have long hair. I will bring a sign that says Less Wrong Meetup. Find me and say hello!

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During-meetup report: is the meetup still on? Brandon and his sign aren't here, and I don't see a likely group. The waitress had no idea who I was asking about.

Two different baby showers, though. I could join one of those instead.

Update: located one other LWer. We talked about the sequences and whatnot for an hour; then I had to go. On my way out discovered the table with five more folks.

Lesson for next meetup: bigger sign.

I posted below. I got sick with the flu this week and have been in bed. I wasn't in any condition to go. :(

That was fun. I am now no longer a lurker. Sorry for the bifurcation jpet & other.

Turns out I won't be able to make tomorrow's meet-up. I tested positive for Influenza-A on Wednesday and have been down with the fever all week. My fever ended, but I'm supposed to wait 24 hours before I can have outside contacts...and I still feel terrible. Please post an after-action report if you attend the meetup. I wish I could be there.

Hey! Thank you very much for bringing this together. I'm looking forward to it!

I don't eat out very much but most of the restaurants and pubs next to UW can be pretty busy. Probably less so on Sundays. The location works fine for me.

Also note that VillageReach is having a Jeopardy watching party on February 16th in Seattle.

A couple of weeks ago I sent the following PM to the organizer, BrandonReinhart, which I'll go ahead and post here since it turns out he won't be attending:

Since it's an issue of local interest for you all, I'd be curious to hear about any opinions that people at the meetup may have about the Knox case, and whether they've read the LW discussion of the subject.

If I'm not out of town I'll be there.

20 year old here. It's both caught me as a pleasant surprise and a quickly proceeding let-down to see a Seattle meetup, then see that it's at a pub. End of March is the big two one for me, making this a genuine let-down.

I would like to propose an alternate location to accommodate myself and any other under-21's who are interested.

Cafe Allegro at 4214 University Way Northeast has a secluded back room as well as an upstairs/rooftop area and some damned good coffee. Additionally, it is easy to get to and is a neat place I find worth pushing business through.

Any thoughts?

TY for organizing this!

The pub is all ages before 11pm Scroll down for the section 'minors'.

I may or may not come, depending on how things go (I'm a student and have an intense load, but this might be worth it).

Great! I'll be there. Thanks a lot for putting this together. I suggest sticking to the announced place this time.

I personally like the Big Time Brewery on the Ave ( I like the pizza there.

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Darn, I was looking forward to this. I'm a minor.

If I can manage it, I'll try to attend. This is a vibrant, interesting community.

I may actually be up for this. East sider here, but the current location is workable.

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I'll be there.

Sounds fun! I already have plans that weekend, but I think I can work around them. Thanks for setting this up.

Elysian Pub is a good spot. Conveniently located too, as far as I am concerned.

Of course, it turns out I'll be in London on that day...