As we draw closer to the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI), concerns about its potential misuse and the existential risks it poses have become increasingly urgent. Referencing this LessWrong post, we must acknowledge the reality that unrestricted access to powerful AI tools could lead to catastrophic outcomes. In response to these concerns, I propose the concept of AGI Clinics, a supervised environment where people can safely interact with super-intelligent AGI systems.

AGI Clinics:

 The idea behind AGI Clinics is to provide individuals with controlled access to super-intelligent AGI systems. These clinics would be supervised by both human experts and AI systems to monitor and detect malicious behavior. By offering a structured and safe environment, AGI Clinics could help delay the use of AGI for harmful purposes while we work on developing more aligned and benevolent AI models.

The feasibility of deploying an AGI Clinic if AGI is developed tomorrow seems reasonable. This is more of a last ditch effort for delaying death due to misaligned humans & AI. Yes, there are a lot of drawbacks to this idea, but creating a physical space for people to interact with super-intelligent AGI would significantly decrease the chance of dying to AGI in the near future. 


First LessWrong post! Been reading everyone's stuff for a while and love the vibe of the community. Please don't hesitate to critique, berate, or ask more questions about this proposal. The past couple of days, I've been acting like AGI will happen tomorrow and coming up with the best ways to create a "safe" environment for AGI use.

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It sounds like you say AGI Clinic for the concept that was previously called AI boxing. You can find a lot of existing discussion under that term.