This is a solid ethicophysical theory laid out by Wayne Hsiung, with support from historical accounts of the Holocaust. Since Wayne is trying to grow his substack to get himself out of prison, I will not be pasting the contents of it in this post.

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I understand (but do not agree with) the idea of preserving someone's clickstream.  I do not want pure linkposts without any information on LessWrong.  The equation is:

V = mc2

(Violence) = (Mass of animals) x (Degree of Confinement)2

and the solution is

Quite simply: fight violence with kindness.

Fighting violence with kindness is a great plan when the entity on the other side is capable of responding to kindness. Which, most are, as long as it's framed appropriately. Kindness should be the first resort, and violence the last, but a complete unwillingness to use violence can also lead to more net suffering by yielding power to those without such compunctions.

Agreed, this is a crucial lesson of history.

That's fair. I just want Wayne to get out of jail soon because he's a personal friend of mine.

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I would suggest separating paying for someone to get out of jail and argumentation about moral theories. it is, in fact, a thing that needs activism. I'd happily donate if there were a link, but I'd like to see posts like this contain the thing they're arguing for inline.

I'm not trying to generate revenue for Wayne. I'm trying to spread his message to force the hand of the judicial system to not imprison him for longer than they already have.