During the pandemic a group of us wrote some software to allow people to sing and make music together in real time over the internet, by accounting for latency instead of minimizing it. The initial goal was to support group singing at the 2020 Secular Solstice, after which I reworked the UI to be a better fit for singing parties. It doesn't get much use now that it's safer to music together in person, but geographically distributed groups still sing with it a bit.

I'd been hoping to host it indefinitely, and my usual approach is to writing very low upkeep software is to avoid dependencies. Unfortunately writing video chat software directly on top of browser APIs is enough work that I took a dependency on Twilio's Programmable Video product. Which they've now announced they're shutting down.

They've given a year for migration, with a final date of 2024-12-05, but I'm not excited enough about this project to port it to a new video API. If someone else is, let me know, otherwise Bucket Brigade will shut down then as well.

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