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Are you lost and adrift, looking at the looming danger from AI and wondering how you can help? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the problem, not sure where to start or what to do next?

I can't promise a lot, but if you reach out to me personally I commit to doing SOMETHING to help you help the world. Furthermore, if you are looking for specific things to do, I also have a long list of projects that need doing and questions that need answering. 

I spent so many years of my life just upskilling, because I thought I needed to be an expert to help. The truth is, there are no experts, and no time to become one. Please don't hesitate to reach out <3

Try out The Most Dangerous Writing App if you are looking for ways to improve your babble. It forces you to keep writing continuously for a set amount of time, or else the text will fade and you will lose everything. 

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