I recently moved to Norfolk, Virginia. I used to organize the in-person meetups prior to COVID when I lived in Houston, Texas and still organize meetups there virtually.

Now that I'm living in a new place, and am vaccinated, I want to attend in-person meetups again, but have searched and don't see any in the Norfolk, Virginia area so I'm starting a meetup group here!

Norfolk is part of the broader Hampton Roads community of cities. I don't know the area too well yet, but it seems like Norfolk is a relatively central location within the metro area (correct me if I'm wrong, please) and is one of the larger cities so it seems like a good spot to run meetups. I'm happy to travel to other cities in the area to host meetups if most potential attendees are concentrated outside of Norfolk (let me know!).

The meetups I organize are open to all, and unless mentioned otherwise are focused on building a social group and community in the area. If there are enough group members and meetup attendees, and enough interest in specific ideas then I'm happy to organize smaller more focused on something specific / productive kinds of meetups and events. Each social meetup will include 1 or 2 suggested readings so that we can have a common shared topic to start from, but meandering as far as our interests take us is welcome! Note that even if you are only interested in smaller, specific / focused meetups, it is strategically beneficial to build up a social rationalist community in your area, because that's where such groups and events typically draw from. Thus, if you don't want to attend social meetups here, please still reach out to me so I can connect you with anyone else who may share your same interest in the area, if they are available and willing.

Please comment on this post and/or message me here on LessWrong if you live in the area (or visit from time to time or often) and want to attend meetups. Let's build a community, have fun, and improve our art of rationality!



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I created a LessWrong Community Group, Norfolk Rationalists to better facilitate organizing this group. Go and join!

Hi, I'm a resident from Norfolk, VA, living in Ghent. Is this group still active?

I'm still living in Norfolk, VA and would be happy to run a meetup. I created this group last year to gauge interest and then did not run meetups when no one reached out. I like Fair Grounds on Colley as a first meetup place for the group, what do you think?

Oooh, I love Fair Grounds!! My schedule is very open (with the exception of Saturdays), so I can meet up today, or whenever works best for you :)