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To be a little more precise: I make video games, edit Wikipedia, and write here on LessWrong!

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Paper: Forecasting world events with neural nets

This is a really neat concept! When do you predict AI reaching human-level performance?

[Linkpost] Solving Quantitative Reasoning Problems with Language Models

At the same time, a good math-solving chatbot could be really useful for math-averse people, even with brittle performance. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk, but might be worth considering.

What is the LessWrong Logo(?) Supposed to Represent?
Answer by YitzJun 30, 202220

When I had the same question a while back, the conclusion that I came to was that it was a picture of a map, depicted on a billowing flag (or piece of cloth), and flags are usually planted somewhere to mark a territory. Thus, it is a map which is used to alter (or become part of) the territory!

TurnTrout's shortform feed

This is a lot like Gwern’s idea for a fake science journal club, right? This sounds a lot easier to do though, and might seriously be worth trying to implement.

Contest: An Alien Message

Without looking at the data, I’m giving a (very rough) ~5% probability that this is a version of the Arecibo Message.

Strong Votes [Update: Deployed]

Did you end up implementing part two?

Some reflections on the LW community after several months of active engagement

Pretty much the only way I can get myself to post here is to write a draft of the post I actually want to write, then just post that draft, since otherwise I’ll sit on it forever

What’s the contingency plan if we get AGI tomorrow?

This reply sounds way scarier than what you originally posted lol. I don’t think a CEO would be too concerned by what you wrote (given the context), but now there’s the creepy sense of the infohazardous unknown

What’s the contingency plan if we get AGI tomorrow?

I’m really intrigued by this idea! It seems very similar to past thoughts I’ve had about “blackmailing” the AI, but with a more positive spin

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