Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over

I'm curious why this response is downvoted. (I don't have enough knowledge on this topic to judge the quality of responses here)

Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over

this is a really good point, and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere either.

How a billionaire could spend their money to help the disadvantaged: 7 ideas from the top of my head

thanks for your insightful feedback!

I've been thinking about the responses I've received a lot the past few days, and have somewhat changed my opinions written here, though not entirely. It really deserves a second essay, but it seems to me that EA (as normally practiced in this community) has a number of potentially dangerous blindspots, most notably in areas where it is hard to determine in advance how effective a given cause will be, or in general in areas that are hard to compute the value of using any currently known formal utilitarian systems. I think too much weight is currently being given by the EA community into our ability to formally calculate the value of a given good, and additionally, there needs to be greater willingness to fund more diverse actions, in my opinion. I know I'm not explaining my case very well here, but I would like to go back to this at some point and expand on it.

Writing to think

Reading through it now, thank you for the excellent work!

Yitz's Shortform

Thinking about how a bioterrorist might use the new advances in protein folding for nefarious purposes. My first thought is that they might be able to more easily construct deadly prions, which immediately brings up the question—just how infectious can prions theoretically become? If anyone happens to know the answer to that, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts

November 2020 gwern.net newsletter

Uh, there's no text here. Is there supposed to be?

My Fear Heuristic

Seconding this, examples would be extremely helpful here (they could be anonymized if you don't want to share personal details)

Being Productive With Chronic Health Conditions

thank you for this excellent post. Somewhat ironically, it took me a few days to read through it due to the current state of my mental health. I really liked the 5-minute concept, which I haven't heard of before, and could be useful in my daily life.

Writing to think

please do that and post your results here! That seems like an incredible use of time, and a potentially excellent resource for the rationalist community

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