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Much of cynicism seems to be about signaling sophistication, rather than sharing uncommon, true, and important insights.

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[quote]I'm cynical about cynicism. I don't believe that most cynicism is really about knowing better. When I see someone being cynical, my first thought is that they're trying to show off their sophistication and assert superiority over the naive. As opposed to, say, sharing their uncommon insight about not-widely-understood flaws in human nature.[/quote]

I'm cynical about cynicism-cynicism. Once you've suggested that people's motives in making public statements might extend beyond explicit content into a public display, it's difficult to see what public statements are immune to that sort of projected ad hominem (I forget, is there a more specific term for rejecting an argument by rejecting the sincerity of proponent?).

Certainly, it's not hard to be equally cynical about publicly delivered idealistic statements. The only way you can be sure that someone isn't (competently) playing to an audience is if they fail - which amounts to a rather destructive form of testing.


Let's nip this in the bud: I'm cynical about every ordinal you can build from cynicism.

Including that one?

The collection of cynicism ordinals is so big that it doesn't form a set, so it is not itself an ordinal, so... not yet.

You make a sophisticated point. Marios