This is an ongoing project of mine, although I haven't worked on it in a while. I've been trying to extract the references to Rationality - the Methods of Rationality from HPMoR. It also ended up having a few quotes that seemed interesting about how the story's going. I've linked references where I could find them.

I've only got as far as Chapter 40. Any extra submissions welcome.

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Thanks for doing this!

I was hoping that you'd also include references for the experiments that Harry mentions offhand, like this one from Chapter 7:

(one experiment had shown that an unconditional gift of $5 was twice as effective as a conditional offer of $50 in getting people to fill out surveys)

I realize that would be a substantial amount of work, but it would be awesome.

This particular reference is from James & Bolstein, 1992, and Eliezer gets it from Influence, Science and Practice. It's on chapter 2, page 26 in the fifth edition.

I'm trying to get as much as I can find, but it's only the more obvious stuff so far. Changes welcome!

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You may want to cross-post this to

Definitely. There was a request a few days ago for a better catalog of information about the topics Harry references.

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