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WHEN: 28 October 2012 03:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Munich Central Station, Coffee Fellows cafe, inside the central station, *second* floor

The last meetup took place more than a year ago, so it's time for another one. Some of the topics discussed last time: Existential risks, anthropics, AI, metaethics, self-improvement and probably more that I can't remember. Of course there is much more to talk about and maybe we'll try some of those fancy rationality-games. (If the cafe sucks, we could easily go elsewhere. I've merely chosen the place, because it's relatively nice, near the central station and easy to find.) I'll be there with a LessWrong sign. Newbies and lurkers are very welcome!


ETA: I created a google group for the Munich LW meetup.

Send me your email adress to and I'll add you.

Discussion article for the meetup : Munich Meetup, October 28th

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Oh no! First Meetup I could attend... except I can't on the 6th... I just hope the next one won't be again in a year...

Similar situation here, although at least I'm lucky enough to be able to go the Berlin Meetup. I guess we'll have to wait for the next one. (By the way: If the wait is too long, we could organize it ourselves! ;) )

Sigh. We could make another one on the 20th/21th or one week later.

I vote for doing the meetup on the 20th/21th instead. It looks like there’s only three of us who could make it this Saturday, compared to maybe 4-6 at some other time. (Edit: Also, I just learned I have another obligation on the 6th, so this Saturday doesn’t work well for me.) I could make a doodle, if that helps.

Oh, and also: The address of the café is not Bahnhofsplatz 2 – there are two Coffee Fellows, one inside the central station (which I think you are referring to), and one outside (at Bahnhofsplatz 2).

Actually, this Saturday is also suboptimal for me, so let's postpone the whole thing. I made a Doodle-survey:

Yeah, you're right about the address. My bad.

Added my vote for October 27/28.

Although, if I'm the only non-native German speaker then I'll bow out. I can speak German, but not to the standard required for these kinds of conversations. And I'm uncomfortable with others speaking English only on my account.

Please don’t be! I, personally, am glad for an opportunity to speak English, and this is an English-speaking site after all.

Same with me... So it'd be at least 2 of us!

I will attend if there are at least two other people, and I’ll bring my slackline, just in case.

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After successfull meetup last week maybe there will be enough interest for another one some time in November. I have created a google group to discuss the details. Cheers!

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I created a google group for the Munich LW meetup.

Send me your email adress to and I'll add you.

I think it’d be cool to do this again in a few months. February or April, perhaps.

I only saw the anouncement today which is a bit to late. Generally I am interested in meetups and currently live in Nuremberg.

Okay, the meetup is going to take place on Sunday, the 28th of October at 3 PM at the Coffee Fellows Cafee inside the central station (it's near the burger king). Maybe I'll make another post in a week or so to remind everyone. Sorry for all the re-scheduling ;)

I had been really looking forward to this for weeks. But yesterday I came down with some kind of seasonal cold virus and right now I'm sitting in bed drinking chicken soup and unable to talk. So I won't be able to make it today. Sorry to let the team down. :-(

Hope you all have fun, and hopefully I'll make it to the next one!

Nice, I hereby commit to being there :)

I'd like to join, but am also away all day on that Saturday.

Will hopefully make it for the 2013 meetup!