Today's post, Go Forth and Create the Art! was originally published on 23 April 2009. A summary (taken from the LW wiki):


I've developed primarily the art of epistemic rationality, in particular, the arts required for advanced cognitive reductionism... arts like distinguishing fake explanations from real ones and avoiding affective death spirals. There is much else that needs developing to create a craft of rationality - fighting akrasia; coordinating groups; teaching, training, verification, and becoming a proper experimental science; developing better introductory literature... And yet it seems to me that there is a beginning barrier to surpass before you can start creating high-quality craft of rationality, having to do with virtually everyone who tries to think lofty thoughts going instantly astray, or indeed even realizing that a craft of rationality exists and that you ought to be studying cognitive science literature to create it. It's my hope that my writings, as partial as they are, will serve to surpass this initial barrier. The rest I leave to you.

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We're close to finishing the reruns, aren't we? What then - start over?

Personally, I'd suggest a pause of at least two weeks or so, perhaps a month, and then a discussion of whether to just start over or do something similar or different.

I plan to keep doing reruns through "Final Words", which will be posted two days from now. After the reruns are done, I have no particular plans to keep going. I had planned to create a post to prompt discussion as to future plans, but I don't plan to personally do another rerun.