Having spent some extended time in this community back in 2010s, I am well familiar with a lot of the stressors we can experience:

  • Feeling of doom from AI (and other x-risks)
  • Pressure to be more "effective" and more "altruistic"
  • Fear of (or anger at) aging and dying
  • Intra-community drama
  • Burnout
  • Unusual mental states

With these in mind, I would like to offer my self as a listener and a supporter for you.

Where: EA GatherTown:


Find me (Alexei Andreev) on the right side of the screen in the list of users and click "Follow".

When: Saturday Oct 14th from 10am to 11am PST.

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Oh, I should clarify that we won't be doing Circling. We'll just be talking.