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What's up with Arbital?

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Toy problem: increase production or use production?

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Quantum Decisions

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Personal examples of semantic stopsigns

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Maximizing Your Donations via a Job

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Low hanging fruit: analyzing your nutrition

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Robot Programmed To Love Goes Too Far (link)

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I'm starting a game company and looking for a co-founder.

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Water Fluoridation

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What happens when your beliefs fully propagate

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Recent Comments

This will take a long time to load, but it's comprehensive:

I'm not sure when you tried. It works right now.

Hmm, I'm skeptical a barter system would work. I don't think I've seen a successful implementation of it anywhere, though I do hear about people trying.

Yes, we've considered paying people, but that's not scalable. (A good 3-5 page explanation might take 10 hours to write.)

It's not open sourced.

The pages might take a while to load (up to 30 seconds).

I can imagine a neural-activation-like effect coming out of that, where frequently co-active posts naturally rise to the top of each other's links and become threads or topics.

Not sure what you mean by this.

My guess for Wikipedia's success is that they were one of the first; and there was more of a sense of an online community back then. Also it's easier to create Wikipedia content than, say, a good explanation. StackOverflow succeeded because asking and answering questions is pretty easy, you get inst...(read more)

I'm not into persuading people. :) If you want to write, go for it. I still think Arbital is a really good platform for writing up math explanations.

Not someone with sufficient authority, just the blog owner. That seems fair though. You can create you own blog and then you would be in charge of which comments to approve.

Yes, but that's not "invite-only".

How is it invite only? Are you talking about the comment section?

Originally the plan was to do exactly that if we couldn't figure how to build a "joyful maze": just throw open the doors and see what people do with it. Unfortunately there is still a significant amount of work left to do that *well*...(read more)