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Open & Welcome Thread - July 2020

Are you doing homeschooling? How is that going? I’m just very curious because I’m thinking about it for my children too. What is forest school?

When is it Wrong to Click on a Cow?

I feel like the obvious answer here is to look at the underlying intention.

Open & Welcome Thread - June 2020

This clip (from The Office) reminds me of when people suggest various patches to AI after it violates some safety concern / fails an experiment.

What should I teach to my future daughter?
Answer by AlexeiJun 19, 202010

I have a one month old baby girl. I think the most important skill I can teach her is how to learn. There’s of course a bunch of sub-skills there: beginner’s mindset, paying attention, research, asking for help, checking, etc....

God and Moses have a chat

As you might imagine it’s a personal thing that does not translate very well. I do want to share it with people but I have not yet thought of a way to do it .. correctly.

Growing Independence

Honestly it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. One month in and it’s getting a bit easier. She sleeps about 2-3 hours at a time.

God and Moses have a chat

I was walking along the same line of thought about 10 years ago. And a year ago it finally led me to a very very interesting update. Happy adventuring!

For moderately well-resourced people in the US, how quickly will things go from "uncomfortable" to "too late to exit"?

It’s a good question, and this scenario is something I’ve been thinking about as well. I don’t have a good answer. One obvious consideration is how easy is it to travel. By car you can go to Mexico or Canada. Otherwise you need to fly or take a boat.

Growing Independence

I’m now a father of a 3 weeks old girl. So your parenting posts are extra useful and appreciated!

Philosophy in the Darkest Timeline: Basics of the Evolution of Meaning

Would you / when would you recommend Brian Skyrms's Signals: Evolution, Learning, and Information?

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