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Childcare III

Congrats on the new born!

Open and Welcome Thread - May 2021

My cryptocurrency quant hedge fund is looking to hire engineers. If you're curious, PM me. :)

Why I Work on Ads

Well, I already tried recruiting you for our hedge fund, so not really. :D Although it's possible with covid there's a larger pool of remote jobs available.

But yeah, given all those constraints, it's quite possible you're in a relatively optimal position.

Why I Work on Ads

First off, kudos for putting your view up for criticism.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the opportunity cost. Putting the question of whether or not ads are good or bad aside, do you think you can find a job that creates more good in the world and pays about the same?

Open and Welcome Thread - May 2021

Very cool, this sounds a lot like my own story too. Welcome to the club!

April 2021 Deep Dive: Transformers and GPT-3

I like this format a lot: here’s what I wanted to learn, here’s what I did, here’s my proposed better method. I. A world where we learn things via an amalgamation of blog posts and videos, this seems like an efficient way of helping others learn.

I think there should be a tag for this method!

April 2021 Deep Dive: Transformers and GPT-3

Thank you, this looks extremely useful. It’s been on my todo list to learn about transformers for a while. And this looks like a great path to follow. I commit to respond with how my learning went once I follow this guide. (Will probably be later this year.)

AMA: Paul Christiano, alignment researcher

What are your thoughts / advice on working as an individual vs joining an existing team / company when it comes to safety research? (For yourself and for others)

Young kids catching COVID: how much to worry?

Thank you for looking into this and posting about it. This question has been on my mind a lot.

Problems of evil

Strong upvote from me. I appreciate the decently broad source of quotes and I hope you've read some of that material fully. I think the question is interesting and worth serious pondering, though I'm a bit sceptical as to how much progress on it is really possible outside of individualistic discovery via something like meditation.

Father love and mother love is an interesting way of looking at it. Though it's not clear "Father Love" is actually a thing or just something we projected onto actually existing "Mother Love."

To me actually the problem of evil seems relatively unimportant. Just drop the "omnipotent," which doesn't make much sense anyway. (Why work with infinities when finite things are way more likely?)* The much bigger, much more interesting problem is the lack of communication.

Humans are certainly not the best at speaking or listening. But we understand some things.  You could imagine god explaining things to us at our level, even if only to say: hey, you guys are just getting started; don't worry, nothing makes sense so far, but in about 1000 lifetimes it will.

I have some thoughts / responses to that question, but that's not really the topic here.

* Edit: Not to suggest that this is necessarily the solution, but there are a number of solutions with which I'm fairly satisfied. 

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