Zen and Rationality: Skillful Means

That’s a really good point. For the most part there’s no kind of apprenticeship program in the rationalist community. CFAR partially fills that role, but not long term in most people’s lives.

How do you evaluate whether a $500 donation to a project that you know well is a good idea?

I’ll bite. One thing I’d look at is who’s organizing the event, what their track record is, and what their reputation is. I’d also get a feeling for the community’s trajectory and importance. I’d also check if there’s a way to get the entire community to chip in to pay for the event (for example by buying tickets).

How do you evaluate whether a $500 donation to a project that you know well is a good idea?

Oh man, you/habryka made a good point in this post. But I almost didn’t read it, because of the title: I just thought it was a question. Sometime maybe write a post for that point alone.

Covid 11/19: Don’t Do Stupid Things

I don’t understand the last paragraph. How does that work? Feel free to reply with a link to something if it’s too long to explain.

Covid 11/19: Don’t Do Stupid Things

Elon Musk gets tested four times for Covid-19 in one day, gets two positives and two negatives,

I guess I’m confused too. The rate of a false negative is that high?

Open & Welcome Thread – November 2020

Ok, here's the thing that doesn't quite make sense. You're mostly concerned about specific topics (like politics) not being visible. But this issue is being solved by hiding all personal blog posts. Clearly there could be a large number of personal blog posts that are not about the sensitive topics.

Now that you have tags, I think a better solution is to show all personal blog posts unless they have certain tags (like politics). Which solves the problem more directly. (Edit: I guess that opens the door for some users to add politics tags to a lot of posts to hide them from the front page... Hmm. May be these tags are reserved for trusted users.)

Also, yeah, definitely people should be able to say that their post shouldn't appear on the front page. That's totally fine.

On Arguments for God

No, not everyone knows!

I’m all for discussions about god, but I think you have to at least try to narrow down your definition somewhat. Although maybe that’s not what this post is about, but rather general uncertainty about things?

Open & Welcome Thread – November 2020

Thanks, that’s good context. I’ll post if I think of anything.

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