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3Raemon5moIn this case your blog already counted as a third party repository.
5Raemon5moUnderstood, and apologies. A fairly common mod practice has been to fix typos and stuff in a sort of "move first and then ask if it was okay" thing. (I'm not confident this is the best policy, but it saves time/friction, and meanwhile I don't think anyone had had an issue with it). But, your preference definitely makes sense and if others felt the same I'd reconsider the overall policy. (It's also the case that adding an image is a bit of a larger change than the usual typo fixing, and may have been more of an overstep of bounds) In any case I definitely won't edit your stuff again without express permission.


: )

Eli's shortform feed

by elityre 1 min read2nd Jun 201976 comments


I'm mostly going to use this to crosspost links to my blog for less polished thoughts, Musings and Rough Drafts.