Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne social meetup

WHEN: 17 February 2012 06:30:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: see mailing list; Carlton, VIC

Melbourne's next social meetup is on Friday, 17th February. Continuing the tradition, we'll meet at Ben's house - see the mailing list for location details, or I can give you the address - you can call me at 0432 862 932, or email me at shokwave.sf@gmail.com, or inbox me by clicking on my name.

Some form of take-away will be organised for dinner and there will be snacks available. BYO drinks.

We'll be moving away from long board games; bring short ones or suggestions if you have any. There will be at least one game of Mafia!

It will help attendance numbers to comment, saying you'll be attending. We look forward to seeing you there!

Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne social meetup

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I'll be coming

I'll be there.

I'll be coming. By the way, it might also help attendance if the address was just posted in this thread. Is there a strong reason not to?

Traditionally Ben has preferred to provide his address via mailing list in order to maintain a home address that isn't easily available on the internet. The inconvenience is notable, though - I've added my phone number and email to article so people should feel free to use that if trawling the meetup thread proves difficult. edit: actually added my phone number and email.

I'll be attending. I expect to arrive sometime before 9am.

That might be a bit too early. Or too late, depending.

(For the spectators, I happen to work at the location of the meetup)

...huh. I am either wrong about who you are, or wrong about what you do. Or both.

No, you're correct, this was a recent thing.

As do I. It's a pity we're up against TrikeApps for the "cool Melbourne-based employer of LW members" position...

It's not a zero-sum game!