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I have been reviewing FUE hair transplants, and I would like LWers' opinion. I'm actually surprised this isn't covered, as it seems relevant to many users. 

As far as I can tell, the downsides are:
-          Mild scarring on the back of the head
-          Doesn’t prevent continued hair loss, so if you get e.g. a bald spot filled in, then you will in a few years have a spot of hair in an oasis
-          Cost
-          Mild pain/hassle in the initial weeks.
-          Possibility of finding a dodgy surgeon


The scarring is basically covered if you have a few two days’ hair growth there and I am fine with that as a long-term solution. he continued hair loss is potentially dealt with by a repeated transplant and more certainly dealt with by getting the initial transplant “all over”, i.e. thickening hair, rather than just moving the hairline forward. But it is the area I am most uncertain about. I should add that I am 29 with male pattern baldness on both sides of my family, Norwood level 4, and have seen hair loss stabilised (I have been taking propecia for the last year).


Ignoring the cost, my questions are:
-          Is anyone aware of any other problems besides these?
-          Do you think this solution works?
-          Any ideas on how to pick the right surgeon (using someone in Singapore most probably)?