I'm not sure if this question is stupid enough, but here goes:

There is a set of skills, mostly in the arts, that are typically taken up as a child and pursued throughout life -- Musical instruments, for example, or art of varying kinds. Hence most beginners are children.

There is a set of people consisting of me that wants to take up skills of this sort (...all of them), but cannot stand being around children. Where can relatively inexpensive beginner-level training in arts-type skills be found that doesn't involve lots of interaction with kids and is available to non-college students?

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If you are okay with paying, you can always find one-on-one tutors. It'll be the most efficient way to learn (assuming good teachers).

0OnTheOtherHandle7yI found a website that might be useful: butterfly.com connects tutors to teachers with live online lessons in areas like music and cooking.
2Manfred7yOr, books! For example, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

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